Since 2006 our organization has made college a reality for Student Athletes at historically under represented and/or economically disadvantaged high schools in Westchester County.


Our college readiness programs and individualized support with college and financial aid applications help students achieve academic success, secure admission to a college best suited to their financial and academic needs and persist to a college degree.


In 2006, a small group of volunteers ran a summer reading program for the Mount Vernon Boys Basketball team. The idea was simple. Help the team become better students who might then be academically eligible for NCAA scholarships. Our volunteers quickly saw the students' potential and wanted to do more. Since 2006, DC has grown from one team to a non-profit organization supporting Student Athletes from a variety of teams at several high schools. Our program now offers students weekly reading groups, academic tutoring, SAT classes, college and financial aid application assistance, college retention support, mentoring and scholarships.

Our program is based on the belief that we can harness the perseverance and dedication of successful athletes to help them become successful Student Athletes. While we consider every athlete who gains an appreciation for the value of their education a success story, we are continually amazed at the accomplishments of our Student Athlete alumni. That success flows from the dedication, love and commitment of our volunteers, donors and staff. As much as our Student Athletes gain from us, we receive even more in return. Join the team today and learn for yourself what a little time helping others can do.


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Michele Roque

Executive Director, March 2023

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Linda D'Arcy

Director of College Access, May 2018

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Laura Amigone

Director of College Success, March 2022

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Nancy McKenna

Founder 2006 | Board Chair

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Emily Kirschenbaum, M.D

Board Member since 2013 | Vice Chair

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Maureen Barton

Board Member since 2010 | Secretary

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Richard Rugani

Board Member since 2010 | Treasurer

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Ronnie Cox

Board Member since 2010

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Chris Cooney

Board Member since 2019

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Danielle Browne

Board Member since 2023


Joan Henle

Board Member since 2010

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Ann W. Jackson

Board Member since 2010

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Vera Kiernan

Board Member since 2013

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Tracy McVey

Board Member since 2013 | Vice Chair

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Dwayne Murray

Board Member since 2014

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Heidi Paul

Board Member since 2018


Clayton Pope

Board Member since 2021

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Fern Watters

Board Member since 2015; Emeritus, 2021 | Emeritus Vice Chair

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Ira H. Kirschenbaum

Vice Chair Emeritus