Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary

We conduct one hour weekly after school study halls run by our Program Heads with each varsity team we partner with. These are small group sessions paring students with our volunteers to work on vocabulary and improve reading comprehension.

Homework helps/ Regents Prep

Students in our study halls can be matched with our adult or student volunteers for weekly sessions to help with homework or Regents Prep throughout the year as well.

College Access

Our College Centers at Mount Vernon and Woodlands High Schools help our students navigate the complex and stressful college application and financial aid process. The services we provide include but are not limited to:

  • SAT/ACT formal prep
  • Essay and resume writing
  • College applications
  • Financial Aid Applications (FAFSA)
  • Sports and Academic Scholarship Opportunities
  • Athletic Recruitment Support

College Retention

Recognizing that getting our students into college was only half the battle, we launched a College Retention/College Success Program in 2018. Our efforts are focused on helping our departing seniors understand what demands college will place on them and how to meet those challenges. We also are reaching out to all our students currently in college to make sure they understand how to access the academic support available on campus, how to maintain their financial aid, and how to network with us and other DC Alums via events we plan throughout the year.

Summer Program

We run a Summer Program of events for middle and high school students at  Mount Vernon High School. This program seeks to improve reading and vocabulary skills and broaden cultural awareness and career opportunities.  Events have included trips to see The View, tours of the Westchester County Court House, and the American Museum of Natural History.